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1.1 Generalities

CALUR QUALITY CONTROL is the most experienced company in the discharge control of Fresh Fish vessels operating in Port of Montevideo.
Its control system “is based on offer” independency and transparency in the inspection of all parts involved in the fresh fish market.

1.2 Services
- Species boxes and trucks Quantity Control.
- Species average Control. 
-  Height and size Control. 
- Species fresh and quality Control. 
- Total discharge control with report by species
  - Weight average, freshing categorization, etc.
- Final Discharge Report

1.3 Customers
Our customers are:
-Shipping Companies.
-Fresh fish vessels
-International customers
-Fresh fish import/export 
-Carrier Companies.


2.1 Generalities
CALUR QUALITY CONTROL offers a wide variety of discharge control services for customers and frozen fishing vessels shipowners. This controls, depends on the vessel type and the customer, and are developed by our inspectors under professional supervision. 

2.2 Control by vessel type
Trawlers, Paddocks

2.3 Charge Control
- Charge logistic by destination, by customer, by product.
- Control of specifications required by the customer (parking, size, etc.)
- Weight control of product by container, by destination
- Sealing
- Maximun gross weight charge control
- Photograph during charge process
- Preparation of tags provided by customers

2.4 Product Control

-Escandallo parts by size, or by specie.
-.Percentage of defects
- Determination of classification by species size
- Product temperature
-.Aspects related to the product quality
-Type and shape cutting
- Photos
- Grading.
- Escandallo
- Sampling, sizes
- Analysis of finished product (physical, microbiological)

2.5 Longline fishing Vessel (Tuna, Swordfish, etc)
-Discharge Control
-Transfer Control
-Control by specie
-Control by size, clasification, .
-Control  and preparation of packing list for export via av


CALUR QUALITY CONTROL offers a wide service of charge control and/or discharge from refrigerated and bulk cargo vessels.

Offers all the charge/discharge  products control includng:

-Product Quality Control.
-Preparation, control and fulfillment of the cargo plan.
-Product Control and distribution by warehouse, etc…
-Complete report with breakdown by customer, destination, product, size, charging port, etc.
-Product control according to specifications and destinations.


Preparation of the cargo plan  prior to cargo loading with subsequent product control (including tally), according to the customer requirements or planned by the ship.
CALUR QUALITY CONTROL has a processing system packing list per customer, destination port, etc

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